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What is a Wedding Cunsultant?

Advisor, Facilitator, Coordinator, Mediator


First and foremost, the wedding consultant’s job is to attend to every detail so that the bride and groom can relax and enjoy this special day. This includes all the days of preparation, as well as the big day itself.  Using the services of a consultant does not mean you give up control of your event. Instead, it is adding a very competent facilitator to your wedding staff. An experienced consultant has the skill and knowledge not only to incorporate the most cost-effective ways to implement your ideas, but also to warn you of possible pitfalls in your plans and offer suggestions.  The wedding consultant is the one person who knows the most about your event.  It is imperative that someone is literally on top of every finite detail and is keeping everyone on the same page and working together smoothly.


Every wedding is as individual as the Bride and Groom are. These packages are a guideline to the services we offer. We will customize a package to meet your precise requirements.


All services include a complementary one hour consultation to discuss your vision and the level of support and involvement you would like from us.